Monday, 17 October 2011


Is is blowing 30 knts and we are glad to be in the marina. Marinas are funny places, full of an eclectic mix of people and boats. Beside us is Amble another RPAYC boat on their way somewhere as they can't make their mind up to go home or to Europe. Other side is a bloke called Scott Rose from Lake Macquarie, turned out he was racing in the same division as us in Hobart last year. He wants a girl to be a nomadic sailor with him. Down the marina is a huge motor boat that was once a few mil worth, today the repair jobs are such that they just paint over the barnacles.
Another I met was a professional varnishing a beautiful timber NZ yacht (should have congratulated her on the all blic win, luckily we had to listen on the radio and not see the game as well). Sorry back to the story, she mentioned the motor boat was on sea trials out of Mackay after a refit. As they came back into the Harbour there was no reverse or power! The owner tried to turn around but ended up on the breakwater.

Based on the seabreeze forcast, Yeppon could be our home for a week. My new crew is ex navy and keen to work, the job list is huge as it always is.


  1. Looks horrible! Missing you xxx

  2. gee...a week in Yeppon...better check out the night life there!!!
    The weather certainly left you when your other crew left!
    Hope you and Rob get lots of chores done..don't forget to varnish the timber door frame in the head!!
    :)) stay safe xxxx

  3. I'm glad my husband is a shit hot sailor, because he sure can't spell - Yeppon, Mackey, port Clinton ..... not to mention punctuation.
    Actually just noticing last comment from his sister - Yeppon ! Michele Michele :)