Saturday, 1 October 2011

Bait Reef

One of the great things to do on your own yacht in QLD to to actually sail out to the reef, charter boats arn't allowed, so your only other option is with 1000 other punter flapping like shark bait while attempting to snorkel, great senerity! As I type we are on a mooring 15 miles north east of Hayman Island at Bait Reef, the closest one to the whitsundays, you would think that it is popular, yet there are 6 moorings here, and we have never seen anymore than 3 boats out here, maybe the skippers did what their wives said and stayed in Nara Inlet.
Tonite we will stay out here talking about all the good scencs in Dead Calm.
We will feast on tuna, we caught a ripper of a specimen on th eway out, he did not want to be caught, and unlike the first one we caught in Hervey bay, this guy was very much alive.
Lachlan had to pass the rod to dad top bring him home, 20 year olds have no staminer!
The scene was one of chaos as I prepared the Hinckley after cockpit for the fish fight, to which Kirsty called it 'fish misenplace' The next 5 mins saw the fish landed, almost lost as it flapped in the scuppers until we threw it in the cockpit, Alastair donging the head with a Pardres mini bat, and finally a coup de grace of the head in a bucket of now blood red water. Every surface of the cockpit was splattered with blood, and the female crys of cruelty died away.
The following photos paint the visual picture, needless to say the sashmi was fantastic (and yes Col tuna is ok raw) and the remainder of the fish is in the process of being curried for dinner, yum.

Now here are some cool pics from another camera, note the vicious 9 yr old alastair hunter

only just have him, he managed to jump off both lure and gaff!

Baseball training?

The t shirt says it all

Happy Hunters!

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  1. Another camera was sisters camera.... Lots of pics taken during the landing of this fish! Yum yum!