Tuesday, 25 October 2011

In Bundy heaven

Finally got out of yeepppoon, a nice place but not for 5 days. My weather calling was a bit early as we bashed into a 25 to 30 knt se for 5 hours.
Watched the Aussies beat the yarpies at the ccyc, one of the great yacht clubs up here, pic below.
New crew arrived, lauren who sailed a few races at Hammo with us, so the three of us set off early for the trip to pancake ck. We decided halfway to pull into facing island, just south of Curtis island as it was just too rough. I couldn't get on deck to put the main halyard on! The anchorage was so nice we stayed the next day too. The channel marker beside us had a sea eagle nest with chicks, don't think mum liked us being so close. See pic.
Plenty of ferries barges and tugs all buzzing past, turtles and fish everywhere, fishing is banned in Gladstone as the LNG dredging has stirred up all the heavy metals from years of heavy industry dumping into the Harbour. The result is blind barra, deformed crabs, dead dolphins and red spots. We left the line in !

Yesterday we did the 100 miles to Bundaberg, finally we got some fantastic sailing conditions. Wind was a close reach 15 to 20, ES was the perfect yacht for the conditions, dry, comfortable and 6.5 knts avg speed.
A quick motor up to Bundy town this morning past the distillery, Bundy fumes for breakfast will just be the start of the Bundy day! A few pics attached of ES with the distillery behind; also check out these pipes going into he river. I will find out what they are for -  I hope it doesn't go into the rum!
Evidence of the Qld floods is everywhere, angle of the trees shows what happened here. The liveaboard on the Marina presented us with blueberry muffins as we tied up, yum.

And check out the pic of someone's dream yacht now home to the cows!

Here for a night then off to Sandy Straights, then on the home stretch. Anyone like to come along for crew? Let me know.

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  1. So, despite the usual spelling and punctuation errors, you obviously haven't been over to the distillery yet and on the bundy bus !!!!
    Loved the photo of someone's dream yacht -home to the Cows.
    Very pleased you will soon be on the home stretch. It is so boring here!!!!
    Love you. K x