Saturday, 1 October 2011

Bait Reef 2

Now as Bait reef is part of the marine park there is no fishing (the fish in the previous post was caught outside the zone), so as a result the reef is full of very friendly fish, BIG fish.
So we had feed them like every other yacht that comes in, yet I doubt other boats would have had a jucy tuna head and guts to throw overboard.
This created a frenzey amongst the approx one meter long very scary looking trevally type fish, as yet we have not fully identified them.
This also attracted a nice black tipped reef shark, well at least he was now fed!
the following pics show how we entertained ourselves for nearly an hour; one picture that got away was two fish flying through the air and having a mid air crash head on, kinda like a fish pash.
We did get in the water with them, yet did not stray too far from the ladder.

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  1. This was an amazing day:) and yes those fish were HUGE! Not too keen on getting in the water after spotting that shark.... But Koo held my hand the whole time so I was fine! A day not to forget :)