Monday, 17 October 2011

Bye bye Mackay

After five days I finally got out of Mackay just ahead of the southerly predicted. A quick sail in 25 knts downwind to Curlew Island, then a 5.00am rise to do the 75 miles to Port Clinton. Most of the area around Shoalwater Bay is closed for military training so we had to stay outside certain coordinates. My  new crew Rob Walker who is ex navy says this is in case of over shots from live ammo! I obeyed the rules on this occasion! As we neared Port Clinton it was obvious that it was going to be a night time entry due to a 2knt adverse tide, is it ever with you? The decision was made to plug on another 40 miles to Yeppon, arriving at midnight and a full 6 hours before the change. The decision was wise in hindsight as we are now at the marina with over 30 knts, not nice conditions to be at anchor in an isolated bay.
Below are a few pics as we sailed past Port Clinton.

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  1. Good idea. Stay away from Port Clinton - way too many sand flies and midgies (remember).
    Following your sail from the Alan Lucus book (in envy).
    K x