Friday, 14 October 2011

Mackay economy

Being at the marina you get a bit involved with the locals and find out what is happening on in the town. Firstly Mackay is the same as every other Qld town, full of miners, no accommodation, tourism dead, no cabs. Tv and radio are full of adds for mining service personnel, the marina hotel is 100% full with miners, the shirt logos are bhp, xta, boom logistics, very different to the yacht logos of Hammo.
Rents are huge, and unless you are on the mining boom then you are left behind, the local cafe just lost their barrista to a mining coy on $55 an hr. The shop fronts are not local businesses but bhp and xstrata coal. To make it up here it is accom and pubs, Mackay is short 2000 beds, my neighbour at the marina is one of many working in mining yet living on a boat, cheaper than living ashore.
At least the diesel is 10c cheaper that Airlie or Hammo.
Half priced holidays in the Whitsundays are advertised, maxi ragamuffin stopped their tourist run after 18 years, the old freight train is on the backpacker gig yet speaking to the owner confirmed why rags closed their doors.
Not sure if it is relevant or even if these adds have made it to nsw, the Qld govt is advertising on tv for their rate payers to learn to read and write! Sounds a good idea, don't they have primary school in Qld?

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  1. Perfect description of a mining town! It's so every day for us now - it's nice to see an outsiders perspective! x