Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Stuck in Yeppoon day 2

Wind is now gusting to 37 knts so we are staying put, I climbed one of the hills to get a view of the ocean, huge sea running, crappy brown water and howling wind, see pics.
Tackled the profurl mizzen boom vang today as I finally received the new gas strut while in Mackay, only 2 months to get it from France. The job is not as easy as it looks, firstly we had to remove the old strut, pictures below explain it better, essentially we had to cut open the old strut, right beside where it says 'do not open' so that we could unscrew it from the housing. Next step was to drill a hole through the strut and the threaded rod, volia it unscrewed. The rigger in Hammo said to put the new strut in you had to use a Spanish windless to get the rivets in, no way mate that would not work! All we did was put it back on the boom and wind on the sheet, perfect. ES Now has a fully functioning mizzen yet still a jury rigged main.

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