Thursday, 13 October 2011

Mackay marina

I'm currently in Mackay marina doing a few jobs awaiting some crew before I head south again. The position of Evening Star on the marina means that anyone that walks past says hi or offers an opinion on whatever job I'm doing

The marina is the only one on the coast without a Sailmaker or chandler, thus the headsail repair was job number one.

Next was the 'eyebrows' these are tiny strips of teak running along the coach house to look good I suppose, they take approx an hour a side to sand and then varnish, then another 4 coats to follow!
Bow thruster remote decided to fall apart, a trip to jaycar, and I was armed with a solution, see pic.

Next job was replacing the remaining 6 meters of black water hose! Sounds easy yet the job took nearly all day, lucky ES has aircon. Check out the pic of the spaghetti mess These hoses make.
Next was to convert the heads to fresh water flush, the trick I learnt was to plumb the inlet to the sink drain, to flush, turn on the tap and bingo. Also to empty the sink drain post washing teeth you have to flush the head! The aft head was just a matter of closing the seacock, the fwd one I had to do a bit more re plumbing of the deck wash intake, a quick trip to the plumbing shop in downtown Mackay, and all done, reality was a little different, yet managed to finish in time for happy hour at the marina pub.

Hopefully we are gone on saturday, it seems a big southerly predicted on Sunday means we won't get too far.

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