Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A day in Bundy

Everywhere you look it is Bundy something, and memories of silly things done previously on Bundy come rushing back, well those that I can remember anyway.
Rob and I walked the 4 odd ks to the Bundy distillery, and managed a good grasp of the place, untouched, rural, and very country townish. Lots of very nice old Queenslander pads, see pics, and kids playing on the middle of the road. Plenty of closed shop fronts as a result of the floods, I don't think the previous pics gave an impression on what it was really like. The marina was washed away, we are on an arm that has just been rebuilt, no insurance for the owner as it was an act of god!
The Bundy factory tour was well worth doing, here are a few things I remembered. 96% of all Bundy is consumed in Australia, 4% in NZ, 1% rest of world. They only make 57% max alc now due to rsa rules, 66% of a Bundy bottle cost is govt taxes, they have over $2 bil of Bundy in vats maturing, they only make Bundy to order due to the taxes, the bear was introduced in 1961 to make Bundy a drink to drink in cool climates too.
You only get 2 drinks in the Bundy bar after the tour, I think they know what is does to you!
A few pics below, two great houses right beside the entrance, imagine that molasses smell every day.
Also one of my shoes, why you ask, it is because that it was the first time in 3 months I have worn shoes.
Front page of the daily rag today, mining affects even the non mining towns.
Tomorrow I will mention a few of the people we have meet in Bundy, worthy of an entire blog if not a book.


  1. Very impressed with the Skipper wearing shoes. How was that ?
    Bundy thongs ??? Hv you thrown those tragic ones away that you have been living in ?
    You have been wearing that Krakatoa shirt in all the photos.I think it must be due for a wash now. Maybe its time you start visiting the Laundromats in the Marina's. I did it for 3 months. Its time you experience that !
    Note: there is a Laundromat at Urangan Marina complete with folding chairs beside the garbage bins !!! Niiiice.
    Goodnight, love K xxx

  2. nice pics bunt , love the fact you are adjusting to civilization by wearing shoes

    i had offices in bundy and can remember the smell and the tour well

  3. I seem to recall that "navy men" and "hunter" men should stay away from Bundy!!!
    And you got 4 bottles!!
    Love the Queenslanders!,,,can 't wait to hear about the locals !!!!"
    Glad the shoes still fit... Rob must be nice and settled on ES now...he might not want to go home!
    Yes...listen to the first mate....go to the laundry mat!,