Monday, 17 October 2011

Random Mackay pictures

I managed to complete the re plumb of the fwd head, a total of 9 meters of sanitation hose, unfortunately ES has two heads so I am only half was through the job. A few pics below, I had to use the iPhone to see how to get the hose through the bulkhead.

A nice pic from the pub at sunset, and another of the rats that roam under your feet!

The navy filling up with gas beside us, always ask them where they are going, what they are doing and what is in the boat, the answer is always the same "can't say"

The kid on the bike was the first kid that Alastair played with in 3 months! His mum was the hairdresser and cafe owner at the marina.

We also made some marina friends, Jim and sue of Kate Kelly which is the old kintama, a famous racing yacht of the 70s


  1. A request from your first mate, less maintenance photos and more cruising shots please !

  2. where are all the pretty drinks at sunset too?????