Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sydney for the Weekend.

Sunday night here and typing the blog from Balgowlah Heights. We have been back in Sydney for our friends/neighbours, Rose and Scot's wedding. What a day Sydney turned on for the outside wedding down in the garden. It was great to see our friends yesterday as well as seeing Lachlan and Jillian. The house is still standing and not quite up to the "Kirsty Hunter" standard of house work but nonetheless looked pretty good.

Fly back up to Brisbane tomorrow morning where we have left a hire car and then driving back up to Gladstone and Evening Star. We plan to stay a few days in Gladstone to do a bit of maintenance on the boat and of course I will be re-stocking with food for our next leg of the trip. No deadlines from now on. Very pleased about that, as we can take it easy and begin to stay in places for a couple of nights rather than sail in late afternoon and take off first thing the next day.

So stay tuned for our next port of call. Will probably be Great Keppel Island ....

I loved my first leg, Southport to Gladstone and itching to get back out on the water.

Here's a few photos - so much easier to up-load for you on our Mac at home.

Boat all packed up at Gladstone Marina.
Having fun with Mish, Frazer Island 

Who know's where this was taken - somewhere nice !

Kirsty doing some work !

Ali goofing about !


  1. Thanks for coming to my party along with whoever that was. You should stop at Pumpkin Island instead of Great Keppel.

  2. Seasick you poor babies! Maybe you should be at Pumpkin island instead...where ever that is! Have another kwell and a vino and go to bed xxxx kiss kiss to you all. Xx