Thursday, 14 July 2011

Evening Star is already to go!

A big few days ! Mark, Noel and I are absolutely exhausted getting our little boat in ship shape. The mast is in with it's brand new rigging, and electrics. Evening Star is looking beautiful.

Frances, Sam and Luke O'Connor came to the club yesterday to say goodbye. Fran who has no idea about boats couldn't watch the mast being lifted by crane back into the boat and made me go for a walk ! She realised that if they got it wrong we might have one big hole in our deck (thanks Frannie)!

It was at this point that Fran suggested a walk !
Going to miss this girl !

Sam & Luke saying goodbye.

Alastair was pretty pleased with the naming of his little Bic sailing boat - I had stickers made with "Flash" and a flash symbol.

I have spent today cooking casseroles, soup, another Coles shop and packing Mark and Alastairs clothes. I still haven't packed my gear. It's just too hard figuring out what I can take and what will fit in my cupboards on the boat. Will work that out tomorrow ! 
Crew Evening Star 

The Captain & his wife !

So thats it for tonight's blog. The boys hope to leave RPAYA at lunchtime tomorrow. Oh, before I forget, Jillian just wants me to let you all know that she is part of the Hunter family as well ! Apparently I haven't mentioned her in this blog... xxxxxxx

Love Kirsty x


  1. Have a great trip. I hope the weather is kind to Evening Star. See you at Hamilton Island.

  2. Thanks Brasher. Can't wait for Hammo. You and Hunna have to win Cruising Division ! (E.Star has won it before). No pressure ....

  3. i'm ready!!!! hurry up and get to Southport!!!! xxxxx