Friday, 22 July 2011


Winter? Not in Mooloolabah!Woke up to a beautiful day. Bacon and eggs for breakfast.schoolwork with Ali then just lying in the sun reading! Mark doing a bit of "boat stuff" How good is life! Koo and I went ashore to do some washing,I got caught in my PJ's! We then tried to look for our little quote for the day,but washing is not covered in the sea wife's handbook.. Might have to pass that job to the boys!
Then went for a walk on the beach to surf club for lunch...G &T for the girls! Twin Waters for dinner with Rob and Helen...early night.for our 6am start.

Sunrise sail

"There was a time when a woman aboard a yacht was content to be decorative,to get on with her fancy needlework and leave the work to her menfolk and their paid crews.
Well Kirsty and I are certainly not looking "decorative" at the moment.... But at least we are not sea sick today! Got the heads up from the local chemist, got up with the Boys,had toast and kwells for breakfast! Sailing up the Sunshine Coast watching the sun rise.....beautiful.
Have lots of pics, but can't load to the iPad....can anyone help us there?
Breakfast for the girls!
Will be very hard for Noel and I to leave the Hunters and Evening Star..what a time they are going to have!!

All the sails up
Skipper Mark said we had better do a crew description for those of you who don't know us! On board fom Southport, Mark, Kirsty and Ali. Mish (me) Mark's sister and my husband Noel. We are the lucky ones to go on the family holidays.
Ali has now woken up 8.30 and we are getting him to catch us a fish for dinner!

Kirsty will be back to blog tonight!


  1. Thanks for the crew introductions. Glad to hear you left the bad weather behind before you ran out of ginger beer. (The weather in Sydney is atrocious - I've had to backwash the pool 3 times this week). I discovered that RBS internet security will let me read your blog but not reply to it so I've had to find a non networked PC. I'm looking forward to seeing the photos but it sounds like you will need to buy an iPad Camera Connection Kit ($35 from Apple Store) before I do. Let me know if you want me to post one to you. (Do you have the camera's USB cable on board?)

  2. Yay Brasher ! Mish and I were just discussing that if no-one started commenting we were not going to blog anymore.
    I have uploaded photos from iPhone to iPad but I cannot see how you upload from the blog site. When I begin to upload into blog, it is not giving the ability to select files from photos and then begin select process. Help help !!!!

    At moment we r enjoying afternoon chardys in cockpit. Awning is down and very pleasant here in the sun.

    Seeya. Kirsty and Evening Star crew x

  3. hi team hunter
    i am looking forward to seeing some of the sailing pics and maybe some quotes from eloquent captain bunt

  4. Hello Evening Star this is the 'Wheelhouses'. (I can't work out how to be a member of your blog - I seem only to be a 'follower'!)
    You will be pleased to know we fed your abandoned children (and dog)on Sunday and also employed Lachy for a day so he won't starve for a few more days. He has been helping the Groom with the landscaping and gardening. The weather forecast is looking ok for Saturday so the gods have been getting lots of thanks today. I have a helper for you in your role as Wedding Stylist on Saturday - Kate Forsyth said she can come and assist. The bookclub girls and I had a great (Old Chooks Night) time at Hugos on Friday night - you'd be proud of me we got kicked out - I said I'd only leave if we were the last to leave - apparently we were!!
    I'm glad you are following the advice in the 'book' that said 'It's all about the journey not the destination' you sound like you are having a wonderful experience - you forget about sea sickness (a bit like labour) immediately after the event!
    See you all on Saturday. Love 'the Bride' (Rose Doyle) xx

  5. Thanks for looking after my homeless teenagers and doggy. How is Nigella ? Do you think L and J are looking after her ? Just leaving Frazer Is for Bunderberg. Quite a big day of sailing. Cant wait to get up to Whitsundays so we can stay put for awhile. Can't wait for Sat to see the gorgeous bride and groom.

    "and what did the bride wear ?" ..... It's going to to be the talk of Bally Heights for weeks, and I am not going to be there to join in with the talk xxx