Friday, 5 August 2011

Vegemite Saves The Day !

Finally we left Gladstone Marina after having to spend an extra night. Mark had the engine oil changed yesterday by a local mechanic who found we had a very slow leak on the water pump on the generator. The mechanic advised we get it fixed so we stayed the extra night, only to be to the next morning that they didn't have the parts to fix it (of course they wouldn't, ES is an American boat)!!!!

The Crossing.
Mark decided to push on and we will keep an eye on. Time was of the essence this morning as we wanted to be up near the start of The Narrows (the inland way getting to the top of Curtis Island) for high tide. I was down below on the chart plotter and Mark had the GPS, charts and every book on the area. At a place called the Crossing it is completely dry at low tide for cattle to cross. The books say, 4 wheel drives are lined up at low tide and boats lined up for high tide. Our depth sounder would not shut for about 20 mins as we motored through in about 1.8metres. It was a great feeling to get to the other end.

From the top of Curtis Island we sailed to Great Keppel Island. Thought we were going to have a few days of relaxation here as the beach looked amazing but the swell picked up at sunset and it became so topsy turvey. I actually started writing this blog last night but had to abandon as I was feeling pretty sick. Mark had to take over cooking dinner as I couldn't face the galley. Ali and I ate a small dinner not knowing if it was going to stay down !!!! I doubt whether we got more than 3 hours sleep it was so noisy with all thhe saucepans and plates rattling, not to mention the non-stop Disney ride we were taking part in.

Today we set off very early to get out of the mess. Brasher we sailed past Pumpkin Island in the 2 metre swell, but didn't stop as at that stage Ali was really sick and me not much better. It wasn't such a good day. I was insisting to Mark we head over to the Marina at Rosslyn Bay as just wanted to get on land and a good sleep. Mark insisted we keep heading north to a sheltered spot about 4 hours away. It was an awful day as Ali and I lay horizontal in the cockpit and Mark had a lonely sail up to Port Clinton. We found a nice spot to put down anchor and the first thing Ali and did was make toast and vegemite. Yummo, so good for eating after sea sickness.

We had a lovely afternoon on the beach, sun baking until Mark decides he should move the boat as he reckons it's too close to the sand bar. So off he goes and moves the boat, Take 1. When we got back to ES at 5pm the swell is starting to come in, so we move the boat Take 2, all so we can get a decent nights sleep.
Ali @ Port Clinton

So thats it for today. We are now sitting back in the Rockefeller Lounge, watching a DVD and drinking a nice bottle of wine. Probs will spend another day here at Port Clinton to avoid all that swell. Nighty night. K xx


  1. Well what an adventure! You certainly are first mate now koo! Hope that is the end of your sea sickness! Pics great,are you doing it on the iPad or pc? We have been at a piano recital tonight in Murwillumbah... Very different to sitting in the rocker feller lounge with a vino! Kiss kiss to you all xx ps. Tell the skipper I liked his blog,that was more interesting than the other one!! his work mates must hate reading all that! Xxxxx

  2. Hi there. I am writing on the IPad, publishing and then uploading photos from PC. I laughed when I read his blog Marks blog morning as all his his snipets of Gladstone info was from me !
    Not looking forward to the next few days as basically there is no where to hide the big swell and wind before we get to Mackay.
    Just realizing today, fishing, laid the lobster pot and we will probs go over to the beach this afternoon with a lemon, and S and P and get some oysters. R u jealous ? Seeya. Xxxx