Saturday, 16 July 2011

Take 2 ! Evening Star is enroute to Southport !

After leaving Newport yesterday at 1pm in the freezing cold and bleak rain, Evening Star had to turn around at Lake Macquarie at 9pm. Mark said they had only just put the sails up after motoring for 11 hours and he heard a familiar snap (same as when Ali hit the stay). This time the turn buckle (part of the brand new rigging) had pulled apart. Not good, but they managed to pull the sails down and headed back to the Club. I got the call from Mark last night and we were all so disappointed. All I could think about was all the frozen meat and my cooking that would go to waste and Ali thought he would have to go back to school !

This morning the boys had a look at the damage and realised it wasn't going to be as bad as they first thought. Phil Smidmore did some repairs, and I farwelled the boat just 24 hours after the last time she left. New parts are going to be sent from the States and will be sent to us in Qld.

Lachlan, Ali and Jillian 

Cold cold day for departure # 1
Mark - Take 2 !!!

Two brothers saying their goodbyes !

You'd all be so proud of me ! I did not shed one single tear ! I have had to farewell Mark so many times at the start of races and recently Lachlan (OMG, who could forget the last Hobart farewell) and I am always a complete mess.

It was so different this time being your own boat. I just had this sick anxious feeling hoping the boat would get to Southport with no issues.  So off they went today, a much nicer day for a sail.

I think it was my friend Rose that said to us this week, you should never have a sail departure on a Friday. So very true Rose !

I am currently paying bills, tidying the house and getting ready for what should have been 3 months away from Sydney.  Tomorrow, Ali and I fly to the Gold Coast to see Mish who has been very patient waiting for our arrival. 

Next blog, I should be onboard Evening Star. How bloody exciting ....

Seeya. Kirsty xx

PS. I just want to say, I am so very proud of my husband who is living his dream :) 


  1. to all the followers of the Hunters and their crzy gap term....join and comment!!! Koo and Ali are now here on the Gold Coast and we are waiting for the boys to arrive!!!! They need comments to motivate them to keep blogging!!!!!

  2. How's Kirsty's Frozen home Cooked Dinner's going??? or have you pulled into Coffs for some Maccas.
    Bryan & Helen

  3. Dear Kirsty
    Finally found a minute to check out your Blog. Its such a great idea and I hope you manage to find a few minutes a day to update it as we'll all be waiting with baited breaths to hear the next episode of the 'serial'. (It feels like its 1956 and we're listening to Blue Hills). Hopefully we'll be able to check out your escapades while we are in Maine - Atlantic coast! - having a 2 week cruise (honeymoon!!). I forgot to give you my special 'pills' but with all the excitement I'm sure you won't have time to be seasick.
    Have a great sail girls (Mish I'm sure you'll be the rock!).
    Love Rose