Sunday, 10 July 2011

Lots of jobs can be ticked off this weekend.

After a week of frustration, the following can be ticked off:
  • Crew arrived - Noel has flown in from Tweed Heads and Lachlan arrived home in one piece from the snow. 
  • New leather, chesterfield style settees have been installed (gorgeous georgeous)
  • Mark finally worked out his new PC with the on-line charts and GPS.He is still to work out the AIS software (gives us the ability to see ships within 10 kms of our boat). Wouldn't be good to do a Jessica Watson out there !!!!
  • 3 loads of dry food now on board (including 3 dozen ginger beer for my sea sickness). Some how we still have to find space to store our wine and champagne !
Busy week ahead: masts back in, rigging and electrical back in, sails back on,  and all to be checked. Perishables to be put on, casseroles to be made and clothes to be packed. What does one take for 3 months with limited space, and two seasons to dress for ! 

Still hoping to leave on Thursday - will keep you all posted.

Love K xxx

Mark not happy ! Trying to get the GPS to work with his new chart software.


  1. Koo all you need is champagne and icebreaker clothes!!!! see you soon xxxx

  2. Loading on the grog today my dear. I asked Noel if you liked Campari, but also will get you some Gin. G & T's in the Rockefeller by the w/e. We will be probs be so sick will be sipping ginger beers in our thermals in our bunks xxxx