Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Southport to Mooloolabah !

Thank goodness that day is over !

Noel and Mark left the club @ 5.30 this morning for our long day of sailing. As soon as the engine went on and the bower thruster your awake, so from basically 6am til 6pm I was feeling disgusting. We had 12 hours of min. 25 knot winds, hitting 30 at times. Winds were from the west so we were rolling all day long. We motor sailed all day with only the mizzen up.

Mish didn't get out of her PJ's all day as she couldn't move from the cockpit (sea sickness) and Ali was also sick ! All I could manage to eat for 12 hrs was a bite of my Mums Anzac biscuits and a segment of a mandarin.

It was pretty challenging coming into Mooloolabah as there is a sand bar and not a very wide entrance. Mark sent me down below to watch the AIS chart but I had to delegate to Ali as I had to be sick ! Ali read the chart perfectly navigating Mark down the channel.

I went all day with being sick then vomited in the last 5 mins of trip. Noels Navy friends met as as we arrived. They all started on wine and cheese and biscuits. Mish and I were still drinking water and dried crackers. Positive of today: I think I might loose some weight with this seasickness thing !

Lay day tomoz - and possibly the flw day sail to Frazer island.

Many of you know we inherited this little book Onboard called "the Sea Wife's Handbook" ! It has some really helpful hints and quotes that we would like to share with you landlubbers. Today's quote is relevant because Mish and I have been failures ....

"no women is welcomed afloat if her prime concern is her appearance, since this usually entails a massive array of lotions and beauty aids. By the same the same token the majority of men like their handy sea-mates to look almost band-box fresh even when they step ashore after an arduous sail" ......

Stay tuned for tomorrow's sea wife's handy tip!!!!!

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