Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Getting frustrated it is taking so long to get Evening Star ready for departure !

As you are probably all aware, Alastair kicked one of the stays (30 years of rust) and we were told we had to take out both masts and re-rigg Evening Star. The problem was we were going to the States for a holiday and Mark wanted to supervise this process. 
So, the masts came out about 2 weeks ago, and now we await the new parts for the rigg (being a 30 year old boat with American fittings).  Hopefully it will go back in next Monday and we can set sail Wed or Thurs next week.

 Mast coming out !
Our 49' ft stink boat !

We are also redecorating down below, Italian black leather settees. Thinking it will look like a classy "Lounge", in keeping with the boats pedigree. Evening Star's  first owner was Congressman Lawrence Rockefeller ! Hence my new name, the Rockefeller Lounge. Can't wait to drink the odd champagne down below ...

This is proofing to be very challenging for the Upholsterer and thank goodness we have a few unemployed men in our household to help with this boat building.

Lachlan, using his HSC woodworking skills

Beautiful black leather Chesterfield !


  1. Blog is great. Can't wait for an online tour.

  2. AWESOME!!!!!! mmm that was the other boat in the WHitsundays!!!! hurry uup and get up here. Great job on the blog..i am very impressed...now noel and i just have to get the same google account to comment together!!!
    kiss kiss

  3. hi guys , fantastic ! sundowner is getting envious , she hasn't been out of the heads for 9 months .hope you put some video up as well.james

  4. did i just notice ac controls ?,,,luxury , hope you have got some heated towell rails from bunnings as well

  5. Wow, livin' the life there guys! How good would that be? Congratulations, Im sure its taken plenty of hard work and preparation. Have a fun and safe time. Hang on a minute.....aren't you suppose to take no food and simply live off the plentiful sea ?? Bear Grylls can show you how you survive without fresh water ! Anyway, I'll be following the blog !
    Dave Isackson

  6. Have you set sail yet ???

  7. Nice new leather. "Living the dream"