Sunday, 21 August 2011

ES, first after Day 2.

Who would have thought!

Day 1, crew comprising of Richard Brasher, Chris Cahill, Mark and Ali went out for the Lindeman Island race and came 3rd on handicap in their division - no spinnakers. We had no idea there was a prize giving so missed getting our trophy.

Day 2, after the boys told me it was dead calm and it was going to be sun baking all the way, I came out. Masses of water on deck, blowing over 20 knots we had a great start. Boys having a nice sail. They even had beers at lunch it was so relaxed. Unheard of on the racing bots they usually sail on. Heading to the finish line, two jets flew in, loads of tacking and boats so close to us (now I remember why I hate race boats).

The boys were pretty confident they were going to do well but they were really surprised when they got first. As we were celebrating back at marina we watched the Roulettes fly in formation over Hammilton Is and then when we went to our Presentation Ali and I had photos taken with these young pilots. Mark and Ali both went up and got the trophy on the main stadium. The presenter made the comment "she obviously sails much faster than she look". How rude !!!!!

Very happy after day 2. Tomorrow they are saying a high wind warning so might stay behind and leave the boys to it. Here's hoping for another good result.


  1. I've discovered that Kirsty gets a bit tense at the start & finish of races but she is quite enjoys the middle bit. Mark's sailing is above average but he really excels with a Bundy in his hand.

  2. So envious well done captain bunt