Saturday, 27 August 2011

Hammo result

Well it didn't all go to plan, course 11 was announced at 8:30am, so I programmed that into the head and the plotter, 11 miles arround Pine Island, easy I say. A huge out going tide meant 30 mins sailing per 100 meters gained to windward, tacking ES is not easy and with the drop in speed we lost a huge amount to leward.
Finnally rounded, then set off after the competition, which I had assumed had already gone right round the island, a nice sail home with the tide then into the marina, we were the only boat in! that heavy feeling sinks in, and sure enough when I go and check the phone (courses are sms'ed) at 9:30am the race committe decided to change course to number 12, a 23 mile course around two more islands.
A few things her to mind, never rely on the SMS only, check the flags on the start, and dont let your hand held VHF run flat so you didn't hear the course announcement prior to the start.
Considering I was the only goose that sailed the wrong course, I had zero chance of any redress, yet changing the course ahead of the start is unheard of! So we received a RAF score which means retired after finishing, and we then had an extra 19 points to our total, yet with a drop we were still in 4th place by a point, and just 4 to the leaders, so still in with a chance.
Race 6 didnt happen due to zero wind, combined with rain, fog, and a 3 knt current, 150 boats flopping in Dent passage for an hour was the only highlight.
Thus with only 5 races sailed, there are no drops, and our position fell to 9th overall, a bit dissappointing after we were looking at a podium at a minimum, and the Audi at the max!

Positive note is that the boom is repaired after consultation with the rigger, I must admin that Richard Brasher and myself did a fine job, it will last a bit longer than just a tempoary one too.


  1. Yes, shame about the Audi but you don't need that now your home is Evening Star! Hurry up and get back to a bit of civilization as you need reception so I can talk to you...aren't you sick of deserted beautiful beaches yet.? Xxxxx

  2. The sun has come out, we have got Internet access and NO you could never get sick of these beautiful white sandy beaches !!!!! It's a real drag that we have to leave Blue Pearl Bay and head to Airlie this arvo. Desperate for fresh food. Our toasted sandwiches for lunch today had so much mould cut from the bread that they really didn't look like sandwiches.