Thursday, 18 August 2011

Evening Star is ready for Race Week.

Just looked at the date of my last post. So sorry Guys.
So a quick summary of the last 10 days....

Left Brampton (just loved it there), so peaceful and no boats. Had an overnight in front of Lindeman and then the next day arrived at Airlie beach. For me, it was so weird coming up to the populated part of the Whitsundays and seeing people and so many boats.It made me appreciate the cruising we had been doing for the last 3 weeks. When I first got on the boat in Southport that used to freak me out that there were no boats around in case we got into trouble!
Mark got two days of racing in at Race Week on a Melges 32 with Col McKeith and friends. They had a ball both on the water and off. Ali and I hung out in Airlie at the lagoon pool, a fake beach pool they have built for all the hundreds of backpackers to hang around and sleep off their hangovers. Of course, a Marina visit isn't complete without a visit to the Laundromat and Coles shop. Mark says I should be taking photos of all the Laundromats I visit.

Mark and I were so glad to leave Airlie and get back out on the water. Had planned to go to South Molle island and pick up a buoy so we could go ashore with Ali and use their facilities. We both realized he was getting a bit stir crazy hanging around "boring parents". South Molle was too rocky so went over to Cid Harbour, on Whitsunday Island. Beautiful beaches and bays and really calm. So nice, we stayed for three nights. Just relaxed, finished another book (soon going to be finished all the books I brought from Sydney), cooked some yummy food, Ali sailed the Bic, bush walked to the peak of Whitsunday Island and Skipper Bunt did lots of jobs on ES.
So now we are at Hammo and registered for Race Week. For someone that only entered Race week so we could get a berth at the Marina, I am starting to get quite ambitious that we can race ES and do well. I am a little disturbed that people all around us are taking their bunk cushions off, clothes and the heavy stuff so their boats are not bogged down. As Mark says, don't worry Kirsty, we will have all the momentum with our 17 tonnes of boat and all the grog and food Onboard. Looking forward to Brasher and Les arriving tomorrow.
Have booked in for a much needed visit to the hairdresser tomorrow. I went into the only hairdresser on the island and asked for the next appoint which was going to be Sunday. I have no idea what the date or day of the week it is !!! I then asked did she know when the Owners Cocktail party was and she said tomorrow. I showed her my disgusting hair under my cap and she said to come in at lunchtime tomorrow. She wouldn't let me go to the party with my "a month at sea" hair. How funny ! Now all I need to do is something with my feet and finger nails. Cruising in all this sun and wind is definitely no good for the skin !

Well, I think it might be gin and tonic time now. Finished blogging and it's very pleasant sitting here with another beautiful sunset. Not as peaceful as last night out on the water, but pretty exciting being here with the hub of all the other boats.

Await your comments and feedback guys ! Seeya, Kirsty xxxx


  1. About time! I was checking the blog everyday to see if you had updated! Ha ha take a before and after shot of your hair! Sounds amazing still up is ali's home schooling going.? Race week sounds like it will be fun...especially with having friends there.All good here..big bike ride this weekend, I have been home today with sore throat....hope I can ride the 200kms! Will ring the kids tonight...miss you xx and yes take pics of the laundromats! Xx

  2. Sorry, we didn't have any internet. I was face booking up at the Whitsunday Peak, didn't have time for blogging !
    Ali's school work is going really well. He is zooming thru the English Comprension book, and Mark is working away with Maths. Today Ali wrote a sort of play on Pirates. Very clever.
    For craft, we have been making a mobile with shells, we are growing the beans with that Germinator (that failed first attempt), and also growing basil. So that ticks off Science.
    Sorry that younare not well and really hope you get thru this weekend on the bike ride. Kiss kiss. Love Kooxxx

  3. Have lots of fun in raceweek. Grt to skype just now Bunt! Hope K gets the pedicure n nails sorted for the owners party! D xx