Thursday, 25 August 2011

Race four at Hammo from the Skipper, so all technical and not for girls!

How quickly fortunes can change in sailing, after out glamour start, everything came to an end after the presenter (as the first mate mentioned previously), and who I will add is the handicapper, said "she goes faster than she looks", our rating blew from .69 to .75!! Thus a 13th was all we gould manage in race 3. Race 3 needs a bit more discussion, 30-35 knts (should have been in Krakatoa 2) the jibes were very much in the 'hail Mary' type, ie turn the wheel and duck big time, one gibe at teh start and another at White Rock turning mark, I susspect the loads were too much for the profurl boom furler, and we have now a series of boom cracks, more on that later. Working back to Hammo with 30 on the nose and 1/2 a headsail out, we notine that the sail has a tear resulting in us having a sail the size of an Manly Junior sail! We struggled home, yet knew that our time was poor, our course home was a winner though, sailing inside islands that noone else did.
Back to 4th on the series score.
Mizzen booom vang gas strut has gone, aperantly they dont make the part anymore! we are now good friends with the guys and sydney rigging, who are sailing on Loyal, Loki and balance, Loki had a new main go bang on Tuesday, 65K worth!

Pic below is the jib track lifting, mmm, not good as the bolts are encapulated. Anyone have any advice?
Race four  was blowing 30 knts, we had decided not to race, then the committee decided the same four the fleet, thus our series score was protected.
Today the forcast was only 20knts, Brasher, hunters and a new crew member, Lauren, after Cahill went back to the financial markets.
The new boom brake which I was upsold by Wichard showed its worth at the start and the white rock gybe. (see following pic), yet the boom has decided to self destruct, I syspect out gyubes in race 3 were the cause, anyway my new friends at Sydney rigging have told me how the fix, albiet temporally.
Our performance has us now in second place with just one point to 1st! the Audi is mine (I did hit the garage cone on the drive day though! 400hp and someone elses car, had to be fanged as hard as one could)

Am sure Kirsty will fill everyone in on the pool party, our new dock friends and other side facts re Hammo.
Bring on race 5!


  1. Great blog , hi will check with james re the bolts .
    Get out there and win the Audi

  2. Hi guys love the blog, could try getting the holes drilled out next size up and then retap for new bolt. If u can get underneath just drill through and put new bolt and nut. Had to do about 20 on sundowners.
    Cheers james