Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Evening Star is in the Whitsundays !

Yippee, we are finally sailing the Whitsundays as of today and what a perfect day it is.

Currently we are anchored in Dingy Bay at Brampton Island. Alastair has been out for a sail in his Bic dingy already. What a lucky boy! There are no other boats out here and he had two bays to himself. We could hear him talking away to himself as he is sailing around. Apparently he talks to his boat, "Flash".

A little of what we have been up to since last blog. Sorry for being so slack but we have had intermittent internet coverage. I nearly died for 24 hours when I couldn't check emails or face book. After two relaxing nights at Port Clinton we sailed to the Duke Islands and stayed at Marble Island. For those of you on my Face Book this is where the boat ran out of beer. Oops, I didn't provision very well there. We do have a lot of gin, Pimm's and Campari though ! So the Skipper had to settle for a very lovely G&T, complete with ice (scraped off the interior of the freezer). You have to adapt out here! Won't go on about the pretty sunset, needless to say ABS (ha ha)....

Next night was Cerlew Island part of the Guard Fish Cluster. Boy, I try to recall this island/beach but they are all blurring into one. I do remember it was a rolly night and we didn't sleep very well so was out of there first thing the next morning heading for Mackay. Pretty rough first couple of hours with crew feeling queasy, but then we picked up for a great sail into Mackay. Managed some schoolwork and a Scrabble game. I am so proud of Ali. Most kids would be tearing their hair out with boredom with the long sailing days, but Ali amuses
himself playing in his cabin or reading. He is onto his third book at the moment.

Must say I was pleased to arrive at the Marina in Mackay as we had been at sea for 5 days and I was itching for some action (sadly I didn't find it at the Laundromat or the Coles), but we did have the best fish and chips. Haven't had any fish since Alastairs tuna.

So here we are now at Brampton Island in the Whitsundays. I cannot believe I have sailed all this way from Southport. I am so much more comfortable with handling the boat and chart reading and the GPS. AND, I think I have worked out the oven having baked a choccy cake and a dessert.


  1. Can you cook pavlova? If Mark sold all your shares before you left you're doing better than us. See you next week.

  2. So I assume you are selling the house... It all sounds fantastic.

  3. we are heading down to sydney in a few hours..will miss you :(

  4. OiOi you Hunnas! Well done! Been following but struggling to get a comment up here, normally quite gd on tech side, maybe will wk this time! Got the wking so see you are in Airlie Beach now. What a great time you are having! Skype sometime 'dpitcairnwk' although not a lot of that going on!!
    All v v well with us, awsome summer.
    Enjoyed Dickie B's 50th pics n many familiar faces!!
    All best from Pitcairns.