Friday, 5 August 2011

From the skipper at port Clinton

The first mate has already posted a blog today, I thought I would add a few thoughts. I organized a oil and filter change in Gladstone, very hard to find labour in the town as all the new projects at Curtis island are sucking up all the labour, big rates are over 120 per hour, vs standard rates at 95 per hour. Just in case you were thinking of moving to Gladstone, don't as there is no accommodation, even the old people's home has been converted to workers accom! Eating out for dinner made even Sydney look cheap!

Here are some pics of the work on Curtis Island, these are more for the my investment mates still in jobs, and also for anyone that owns Origin and Santos shares so you can see what they are spending your cash on.

Engine service went well, and I will now be able to do them myself in Future, it was good to watch the mechanic bleed the main engine after changing the racors, he was stumped for a while, and I even had to call the previous owner for advice. apart from a leaking gen water pump all is good.

first mate mentioned the narrows crossing north of Gladstone, this is a very small waterway between Curtis island and the mainland, apperantley origin or Santos want to build a bridge across which would stop all small craft from using it, until we used It yesterday I would have not given it a second thought, now though after using the crossing it would be crime to close it. Sure it is one of the largest projects in Australia at present and gives gillard and swan something to crow over, I say build a bridge big enough so yachts can fit under that way everyone is happy.

the crossing was fantastic, first mate put a photo up where the cows wait to cross, and I'm still pulling the mangrove leaves out of the rigging.

I'm not confident in the main yet as the luff keeps pulling out of the track on the hoist, so we have been sailing with genoa and mizzen, which in 20 knts is a great rig anyway, giving nearly 8 knts of boat speed, I need to keep reminding myself that one of the main lowers is compromised until I pick up a new lug and replace the shroud again.
It is great to be out here especially now that I hear that we are about to enter GFC2, which is kinda of why I am here anyway, and no I'm not short!
Avagoodweekend, and keep working


  1. Hello again, it's just started to rain again in Sydney and the forecast for the rest of the week is bleak (business & weather). Carly spoke to Kirsty but said the phone line was bad so she missed a few things. I am arriving at Hamilton Island at 2:25pm on Friday, 19th (DJ1283). Carly will be arriving the following Friday, 26th at 12:30pm (DJ1281) and we'll both be leaving on Monday 29th. Carly mentioned I should book a golf cart, is that for the whole time or just whilst she's here? Let me know if there's anything else I need to book in advance. I tried to attach some photos from the party but couldn't, so try this link
    Hope the swell improves for the rest of the week and I'll try and ring Kirsty soon.

  2. bunt

    james had a great contact for parts for our motor and generator ( onan) in the us , do you want me to chase this up for you ? if so let me know what you need and i will check