Friday, 4 November 2011

Last leg

Tomorrow we hard off for the final 220 miles to Sydney, sounds a long way but after the trips we have done it is only 30 hours, Scott is coming back up and David Elliott will provide commentary and constant chatter. Talking about constant chatter, the local bellingin radio station I mentioned previously is online, listen to it and you will be hooked, locals are the presenters and hey all have their quirks which makes great listening, also their music choice is Fantastic
Jobs today were oil and filter change, easy peasy, more varnishing and I finally fixed the water tank gauge. You know when you start one job and then you see another, you start that, then go to get a tool and you end you finishing what you started yesterday, usually there are three jobs on the go at once.
The water gauge has two guides and a twisted centre rod that moves the dial as it floats up and down, the whole lot was encrusted in scale like a pommy tap. Two hours later wire brushing and sanding it works perfectly. Pic below along with the oil change, note the little pump that sucks the oil out, then it pumps the new oil back in, way cool!
Also cool is the car I saw in the car park, check out pic

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  1. Remember Mum and Dad had one of those...exactly.. But it was a bronze colour....have a fun trip home... Is David not a sailor?? Just there for chatter?
    Hope the weather is good xx