Thursday, 3 November 2011

Coffs Harbour day 3

After waiting out the southerly and three meter swell, I am now waiting for crew to arrive on Saturday, thus am back on the job list again. Lots of varnishing to do, toe rails, hand rails, eyebrows, locker jambs, the list is endless. I'm using marine cetol, not quite the traditional varnish as it gives a stained finish. The advantages are that it is much longer lasting and no sanding is required between coats, at $75 a tin it would want to be good. Oil change is on the agenda as have over 200 engine hours since the last one in Gladstone. The engine takes 20 liters, new oil is easy the trick though is to get a container large enough to get rid of the old oil, I received strange looks as I rummaged in the bins behind the restaurant strip in Coffs trying to find a empty cooking oil drum. While I mentioned it, the Coffs restaurants are fantastic, Indian, Thai, and plenty of other spicy delights, check out the menu of where I'm eating tonite, goat curry!

I'm moored right by the fuel dock, check out the pic of the new Riveria it is on it's way to Canada! How did anyone sell an Aussie boat to Canada? The guy must be a supersalesman, surely any motor boat in the US has to be cheaper with the currency and the general crappy state of the US market. Not only that, Riv's are built for the Aussie climate, I think it snows in Canada.
Coffs has a great radio station BBB, I had to down tools and listen to a lecture that they were reloading from Helen caldicot, more nuclear scaremongering, I would believe her above any politican on matters nuclear, I recommend you listen to what she had to say, in summary, cancel your skiing trip to Japan.

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  1. Ha ha in the bins behind the restaurant? Lucky you weren't taken in by the local salvos and given a bed for the night!, you do look a little unkempt....long grey hair and all! Who is your next crew? How was the goat curry? Better send this blog to Sam NK so he can read about Japan and come home! Better hurry home....your first mate is missing you!! Xx