Sunday, 6 November 2011

Last blog while sailing

Currently 900 am on Sunday 7th ish of november, abeam ofport stephens on our way home after a fantastic 3 odd months. We left Coffs at 1100am yesterday and had a hair raising sail to here over night, gusting over 30 from the north, seas were large and the current was fast, plenty of rolling so much that the second tea pot of the trip went flying and smashed glass all over the floor. This part of the world always has rough seas, very steep and curling wave tops, I even got a few drops of salt water on my legs in the cockpit last nite!
Ship ships ships, what would you do without AIS, many are not under command, two all round red lights, and as such you could sail quite close to them, something impossible without knowing that they are just drifting.

Not even a moment passed after discussing dinner when the familiar sound of 'fish' came from the rod, this time we furled the headsail and went abeam to the wind, dinner was a nice tuna! Yum. Sashimi for entree then the rest was green curried Marions style.

ETA into Davis marina is now 900 pm tonight, we lost a bit of time as we travelled extra distance by only one gybing it, or should I say one granny, if you don't know what that means then use it to strike up a conversation with a sailor.
Pics of tuna and the speedo over 10


  1. Ben told me that we should be hand reeling in the fish, not keeping in the holder !
    Just as well I didnt get on at Coffs for the final leg. Sounds like I would definately be taking Kwells !
    Are you sad that it is coming to an end in a few hours time ????
    Will be waiting at the marina to welcome you back to Sydney :))))

  2. You have been at sea too long, its the 6th Nov, not the 7th !