Sunday, 4 September 2011

Back out Cruising !

Sunday 4th September 2011 - Fathers Day (happy Fathers Day Jimmy) xxx

So glad to leave Hammo and have a bit of a detox! We left Monday morning and nearly all the race boats had cleared out and all the big Stinkers were coming back and taking up their berths. Instead of a sea of white plastic yachts we were being hemmed in by a wall of Stinkers. It was time to leave. So The Brashers farewelled us at the dock (thanks Richard for being our star crew and thanks for a great dinner at Bommies).

Dull overcast day, drizzling rain, we headed over to Whitehaven Beach. We were now into out 7th day of dull weahter but Whitehaven was still so beautiful. It was great to go ashore and have a long walk along the sand, a bush walk and some yoga. Needed to do some exercise after all the excesses on Hammo. Thought we were going to have a good anchorage that night as the conditions were good for an overnight at Whitehaven.That changed during the night and we had the usual rolly swell at Whitehaven.

Next day we spent trying to find the best spot to get out of the swell. Wind was light but we just couldn't find a calm bay. Tried about 3 spots and Ali wass getting pretty tired of putting down the anchor. It was still overcast and dull and I was beginning to feel like I shouldn't have been bragging to all you Syndeysiders about our run of 5 weeks of glorious Queensland weather.

The next 3 days we spent in Butterfly Bay at the top of Hook Island. The last time we were there with the Turners it was like Pitt St with lots of dive boats, but this time we didn't take any notice of the 2 hour limit on the moorings and were able to enjoy this magic spot with only 4/5 boats.

Note for Mish and Noel: navigated the passage between Hayman and Hook where we hit the reef last time. Mark was extra careful and had Ali on the binoculars looking for the markers!

Had a fantastic morning around in Manta Ray bay with only one other yacht. The 100 Magic Miles book listed this as the best snorkeling in the Whitsundays but I guess us Hunters are just too spoilt with our diving and we thought it was pretty average. Pretty freaky seeing the resident Maori Wras (bloody big fish) following us around. Amazing watching whales breach just off shore. We all agreed this was one of the best places visited to date .....

We also had a snorkel around at Blue Pearl Bay on Hayman. Mark and I had been there before when we were staying on Hayman. The Resort packs a picnic lunch for you and they take you to the beach for a snorkeling day. This time we could swim off the back of Evening Star and watch all the hotel guests sitting on their beach chairs waiting for their dingy pickup.

Now we are back in at Airlie Beach trying to get out of the 30knot winds. Had drinks at the Sailing Club last night with some people we met at Race week and note for Simon B, Graham and Barbara on Tusa 2 have just been over to say hello to us. They said to say hello to both you and Julie.

Quickly typing up this blog (before I loose Internet coverage) as the Skipper is getting anxious to leave for Glocuester Passage where we will spent a few nights at Montys Resort.

Happy Fathers day everyone.

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  1. All sounds wonderful koo xx funny you should be talking about our last trip.... I found the log this week. This is jillys entry for the day we went aground.
    "Jillian woke up early because aunty shell said to but it was too elay. Today we got stuck in the corllel. Lachlan and Jillian were cring Jillian thote the boat was going to tip over but it dinit. Lachlan said this will roonen our holiday. Lachlan throw up. Aunty shell let go of the fishing line and mark had to go and get it "
    Left the spelling as jilly did it! Well it was 12 years ago! Glad you did not go aground this time! Can't wait to see you all xxxx